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Vegan essentials

Hummus is a staple for us, one we always like to have on hand, adding generous spoonfuls of grounding nourishment to our meals — or toast. And this is what this category is all about, the essentials, those foods that are either on high rotation or packaged that we can prepare ourselves entirely from whole foods. We find that the more you embark on this journey, the more time you spend preparing your food, ingredients and various methods will become more familiar to you. Making your own preserves, ferments, dressings — a banana loaf, this very simple act of preparing your own foods will become habitual, you’ll also save money. We believe this is an act of self-care — living less out of packets, you are already creating your health and vibrating higher energies.

Bread and loaf recipes

An all-day vegan banana bread

Prep time 15 minutes | Cook time 55 minutes
serves 6 people

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Dips and spreads

Pea Hummus and our review of the Vitamix S30 Space Saving Blender

Prep time 10 minutes | Cook time 30 minutes
yields 3 cups

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Dips and spreads

Vegan chocolate ganache

Prep time 30 minutes
yields 1 cup

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