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Consider this section a mindful approach to snacking. There’s nothing wrong with cravings and we should not feel guilty about the need to snack between meals. Try these healthy snack ideas out for between meals, before a workout or whenever hunger calls and that banana isn’t enough. Sometimes days, weeks become very full and when you are low on time and high on hunger it helps to have a freezer stocked with portions of raw caramel slice, or a stash of chia puddings in your fridge. If plants already form a big part of your diet, then really limiting processed foods and preparing your own nutrient-dense snacks is transformative, balancing a healthy appetite and promoting vibrancy.

Muffins and cupcakes

Easy vegan chocolate cupcakes recipe with chocolate ganache

Prep time 15 minutes | Cook time 20 minutes
serves 12 cupcakes

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Healthy Savoury Snacks

Vegan tomato recipe on sourdough bread

Prep time 15 minutes | Cook time 5 minutes
serves 8 toasts

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Slices and Brownies

Ginger slice from Megan May’s The Unbakery: Raw Organic Goodness book

Prep time 50 minutes | Chilling time 5 hours
serves 18 people

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Slices and Brownies

Vegan chocolate salted caramel slice

Prep time 30 minutes
serves 12 people

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