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Think of this as pragmatic realism.
lagom {adj.}

‘Lagom’ is a Swedish word with no direct English translation. Widely translated as “in moderation”, “in balance”, “perfect-simple”, and “suitable”, lagom loosely describes the concept of having just the right amount of something: not too little, not too much.

Who we are

This is a passion project for us. To us, Lagom represented an opportunity to collaborate; to create something of quality with respect that is meaningful and positive, and that aligned with our values.

We’re friends, two couples. Tracey Creed, a photographer and content marketer. Amandine Paniagua, an Architect, currently studying permaculture and sustainable design. Eduardo Bruzzi, a front-end developer, illustrator and designer, and Benoit Chabord, a solutions architect and senior developer with his own agency focused on digital transformation. If you had told either of us that this is what we’d be doing, to varying degrees, none of us would have probably believed it.

What sustainability means to us

While we don’t usually use the word ‘sustainable’, as an umbrella term it can add meaning but that meaning has become misconstrued. And so, we focus on the minimalism and the slow movement as a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess, an alternative to modern societies’ hyper-consumerist culture; a movement created in response to a 21st-century free market economy and the pressure it has placed on individuals, families, communities and our context, our environment. It is to a degree returning to a pre-modern consumerist lifestyle that was born out of the industrial revolution. It is making the most of what you’ve got.

We believe

It’s about living simply; living slowly so you can give your time to the things that matter to you: to yourself, to your partner, your family, to your projects and work. And that will look different for everyone. Discover your own unique intention behind participating. Why are you here? How do you want to show up? What does sustainability mean to you, to your community, your country?

We believe that we all need to encourage inclusivity, to collaborate, to share resources with organisations and communities beyond our own, to share our stories creating space for everyone to see the big picture, which is definitely not about buying bamboo cutlery sets.

The conversation is complex and often overwhelming but we feel that by starting with what resonates most with you, cultivating change there is a start. We’re always open to exploring potential collaborations, so if you have a story, or would be interested in working with us, email us.