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Vegan recipes

Welcome. If you are here then we hope you love these healthy vegan recipes, the words, the images, the ideas. If we can inspire people towards creating higher health, to adopt a new habit, to thrive on plants — become more plant-centric, to eat less out of packets, eat more local, that is winning. Food is information, it is not meant to simply satisfy our cravings — it is to sustain us, to give us positive energy. Health is really everything and as such our recipes are 100% vegan. We think eating this way makes for a better environment, it’s much more aligned with the needs of our body. Eating more plants also happens to be one of the more efficient, individual approaches to addressing climate change.
We think that is pretty empowering.

Cake recipes

Vegan chocolate cake with maple filling and dark chocolate ganache

Prep time 15 minutes | Cook time 45 minutes
serves 8 people

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