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Dressing and sauce recipes

Avocado dressing

Prep time 15 minutes
yields 1 cup

Photography by Tracey Creed
Recipe by Amandine Paniagua and Tracey Creed
Words by Tracey Creed

Published October 10 2021


1 small avocado (or half a large one)
14 cup parsley, stems removed
juice of one lime
14 cup olive oil
2 garlic cloves
12 cup filtered water


To prepare the dressing, add all ingredients into a blender and blend until creamy, scraping down the sides as necessary.

This avocado dressing is my secret sauce

Avocado, fresh herbs and lime lend themselves to the most verdant, velvety dressing around. With warmer nights, my boyfriend and I are making way for huge green salads that are very much representative of my current food philosophy. This means tonnes of leafy greens, which offer chlorophyll and critical phytonutrients and antioxidants, and I’m also including detoxifying herbs like parsley, cilantro and mint. Sulfur-rich veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale also help support the bodys’ detoxifying processes. And since removing gluten-containing grains, I’m leaning heavily towards brown rice and lentils, which are also an excellent source of plant protein and fibre. I am constantly blown away by the simplicity of eating plants, and so each night, it’s like a ceremony to the plants. And dressings like this avocado dressing offer vital omega 3 fats, critical for brain health, and lately, I’m making it on repeat.

Make versus buy and what I stock up on at the grocery store

Radiant health begins with the foundation of your health and what you’re feeding your body. And while I take my food intake seriously, I do venture into the aisles. There are a handful of groceries I buy rather than make. Serious Puffs (the barbeque ones) are insanely good—a recent discovery. I also love little bird organics, Everything Breakfast, the Health Lab Holy Hazelnut balls when I can get my hands on them. I always make my own dressings, though. In part because the shelf-stable ones contain additives, and I share a fridge with many—shelf real estate is limited. So hummus, the tahini dressing, pesto and dressings like this one, I prefer to make it all from scratch in quantities I know I will finish in a meal or a few days. This avocado dressing is bright, herbaceous, and what I’ll be dressing many of our salads with this summer.

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