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Smoothie Recipes

Winter green smoothie with citrus and pea protein

Prep time 10 minutes
serves 12 people

Photography by Tracey Creed
Assisted by Amandine Paniagua
Recipe by Amandine Paniagua and Tracey Creed
Words by Tracey Creed

Published May 16 2020


2 frozen bananas
1 large grapefruit, peeled and quartered
12 small cucumber, quartered
juice and zest of 1 lime
4 handfuls of fresh spinach
handful of fresh parsley and mint
2 serves Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate


Place all the ingredients into your blender, starting on low, then to high speed. Blend until super thick and creamy.

Green smoothies are nutritional workhorses — a super-concentrated means of achieving high vibrancy, healing your digestive system, detoxing and supporting your skin. Much of the division on the Internet as to whether smoothies are healthy or not has to do with calories, Instagram worthy smoothies are not helping anyone lose weight. For me, smoothies are meal replacements, and they are, for the most part, green as I try to get my favourite green veggies in whenever I can. Smoothies are usually standby lunches when there is abundant produce in the fridge and frozen bananas. And to ensure long-lasting energy, I find that if you add protein powder, in particular, you’ll be full for hours. Currently I am using Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate, no flavour (though I highly rate the Vanilla), this super fine  powder contains over eighty percent  organic sprouted and fermented protein — and a complete amino acid profile to restore and sustain energy

What greens are ideal to put in a smoothie?

Since we’re publishing this one in our winter months, consider green smoothies your drink of choice all summer and beyond! And so depending on where you are reading this from, your seasonal greens will look different, so adapt to what you have locally available. If you are familiar with botany, you could explore your edible weed options. And if not, locate a foragers guide for your country and commit to the ritual of foraging and weed appreciation. My favourite plant-based cafe, Little Bird Kitchen, makes an incredible creamy green smoothie from foraged edible weeds. While kale and spinach are mainstay ingredients, green smoothies are also a wonderful way to use up those fresh herbs that might have seen better days sitting in your produce draw! Embrace variety, start here:

— Kale Loaded with powerful antioxidants like Quercetin and Kaempferol, both among the most ubiquitous polyphenols, kale is also an excellent source of Vitamins A, K and C.

— Spinach Much like kale, offers similar nutrients, super high in Vitamins A and K though tends to be more cost effective; in particular, if you’re not purchasing baby leaves.

— Arugula Yes, salad greens, think rucula, salad rocket, and Italian cress, these peppery greens contain abundant protective phytochemicals, electrolytes and Vitamins C, K and A.

— Swiss Chard Energising, chard provides an ample dose of vitamin K to your smoothies along with Vitamins A and C and vital life force minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese.

— Watercress The peppery green boasts anticancer properties called glucosinolates and naturally decreases inflammation through dietary nitrates.

— Celery If you can, juice it first. Celery contains protective antioxidants while supporting digestion. An anti-inflammatory food, celery is abundant in Vitamins A, K, and C, plus notable minerals — potassium and folate.

—  Beet, radish, turnip greens The tops of roots are some of the most nutrient-dense parts of the plant. Beet greens, for example, contain more calcium, iron and Vitamins A and vitamin C than beets. Radish greens contain as much as six times the vitamin C content of the roots. 

— Parsley, mint, cilantro Refreshing and renewing; herbs, much like dark leafy greens provide similar nutrients, think, Vitamins A, C, K and E that work to stimulate our system, promote circulation, and detoxify.

Dandelion greens These distinctly bitter greens provide iron, magnesium, copper, and folate, as well as vitamins A, E, K, and B1, B2 and B3.

Green smoothie powder options

If budget allows, incorporating potent green powders and blends into your smoothie routine will amplify your cleansing efforts. I’ve listed my favourites here:

Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha, Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Powder Enhance mood and create a relaxed alertness while supplementing your greens with a surge of antioxidants and life force minerals. Not for everyone, if you can tolerate the bright earthy flavours, matcha is an option for creating a daily ritual of calm and focus.

California Gold Nutrition, Superfoods, Organic Wheat Grass Powder

You really need to lean in to that earthy, almost grassy flavour, but that said, wheat grass makes a potent addition to tonics and smoothies alike. High in Vitamins A, C and E, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids, this green powder transforms smoothies into nutrition bombs. 

Garden of Life, RAW Protein & Greens Nourish and support your gut flora and the microbiome. This protein combination boasts more than 1.5 billion live, digestive balancing probiotics to restore gut flora. Coupled with a sea of enzymes from alfalfa, spinach, kale, broccoli, carrot and beetroot and plant-based proteins. This one is for the multi-taskers.

Antioxidant Power of Concentrated Organic Green Foods, Fruit, Berries and Fibre Alkalizing greens are vital to nourishing your system and supporting skin. Brimming with cleansing and nourishing alkalizing green, this greens powder is getting things done, coupled with antioxidants, fibre and tonic herbs.

Earth Circle Organics, Organic Spirulina Powder Loaded with a full-spectrum array of cleansing and non-toxic healing Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and copper and iron. Sprirulina also contains high quality protein — 4 grams per tablespoon. Doses of up to 10 grams daily (a tablespoon is 7 grams) is required for thriving.

Sun Potion, Chlorella Powder, Organic Much like spirulina, this algae provides a similar nutrient profile, with insane amounts of Vitamin A, in addition to Vitamins B1, B2 and C. Chlorella also contains more iron than you would think, coupled with zinc and magnesium, both required for the maintenance of a healthy skin barrier. This one is for vibrancy. For those starting out, Earth Circle comes in at a lower price point.

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