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Avocado on toast with apple cider vinegar

Prep time 15 minutes
serves 2 people

Photography by Tracey Creed
Recipe by Tracey Creed and Amandine Paniagua
Words by Amandine Paniagua

Published August 6 2019
Updated May 8 2021


2 avocados, pitted
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
14 red onion, finely sliced
handful of chives
sea salt and pepper, to taste
To serve
sourdough, sliced and toasted
mixed salad greens, optional
vegan feta, optional


In a bowl, scoop out the flesh of your avocados, add the apple cider vinegar, sliced red onion and chives. Using a fork, smash ingredients together until you reach your desired consistency, season to taste with sea salt and pepper.

Finally, top sourdough with a generous amount of smashed avocado. Add salad greens and vegan feta if available. Enjoy!

An avocado toast with apple cider vinegar, no lemons insight

We eat a lot of avocado on toast when they are in season; specifically, we eat avocados with lemon and good quality sea salt, and little else. But even for avocado enthusiasts such as ourselves, avocado on toast day after day could get, or possibly not, repetitive to the point of boring. This version of avocado on toast with apple cider vinegar is super creamy, tart, and a workaround for those times where no lemons are about.

Prior moving to New Zealand in 2015, I wasn’t into avocado at all. The best memories I have of avocado is my father eating them from time to time in winter, with vinaigrette poured into that place that once held the pit. Enjoying this seasoned flesh like he enjoys a yoghurt. Avocado was not a staple in our house, probably because in France, in Europe, this fruit is harvested abroad, then imported. It is the type of food we didn’t often eat in my family. Buying tomatoes from Spain was already perceived as awkward and therefore so were avocados from there in Winter. I guess it was more seen as a treat for cold winter dinner.

However, avocado fever got me when I landed in the South hemisphere. I had no idea that the avo toast was stepping into decadence at that time, after becoming the fad that invaded the world, and social media since 2010. And when switching to a plant-based diet, avocado became my new butter, funnily enough, avocado toast is nothing less than fat on a toast, like butter is, without the inflammatory properties that come with animal fat. Bread and butter is a base food in France, eaten for breakfast, with jam. Also as an appetizer before lunch, with a good glass of wine, a snack at 4 pm and now and then to wrap up dinner, with the sacrosanct French cheese. So yes, avocado, smashed and spread over delicious bread, took me back in this happy place that only some sort of food can get you in. With this recipe, you would have enough to serve 2 to 3 people, depending on how hungry you are, approximately 4 to 6 toasts, also determined by the bread you have in hand. Bread is key, good quality bread, fermented sourdough is our favourite. We also love to garnish our toast with vegan feta or homemade sauerkraut, topped with hemp seeds.

This avocado on toast is possibly one of the easiest recipes on Lagom, maybe on Earth? We make sure that most of our recipes are accessible. This toast came out when for obscure reasons - as it often happens in New Zealand regarding food, lemons were in short supply in our local supermarket, overpriced. At that time we were buying from supermarkets. Looking for an acidic ingredient to swap the lemons with, apple cider vinegar imposed itself. Tracey introduced me to apple cider vinegar, and it became an essential. I like its flavour, lightly sweet, not as sour as wine-based vinegar or citrus juice. I don’t purposely use ingredients because of their holistic properties; taste always comes first. However, apple cider vinegar, like vinegar in general, carries interesting properties. From improving nutrient absorption to balancing sugar blood level in your body, it is also a high antioxidant source. I can’t help but wonder what could go wrong with seasoning my food regularly with apple cider vinegar? And the combination of smashed avocado and apple cider vinegar is simply incredible.

For this recipe of avocado on toast, we used raw, organic, unfiltered and non pasteurised apple cider vinegar. Eating organic food to reduce pesticide intake in our body is always a good idea. In addition, raw apple cider vinegar contains what is commonly called “The Mother”, a group of healthy bacteria contributing to the fermentation process. These bacteria are probiotics and enzymes, helping your digestive system to do the best of its job - transforming food and absorbing nutrients. The Mother usually sets at the bottom of the bottle. When preparing your avocado on toast shake the bottle well to make sure you get the Mother’s particles mixed with the liquid poured over the smashed avocado. 2 to 3 tablespoons will do to season the avocado. Add more if you feel like it.

I have been thinking; we are pretty lucky to live in New Zealand, a country that produces avocados—it can’t import them thanks to strict biosecurity laws (though it still imports bananas!). Only a handful of countries do, most of them in South America. This intensive production raised environmental and ethical issues, from deforestation to drug cartel funding in Mexico to water shortage in Chile. Avocados trigger cascading effects, like everything we consume. Should this sub-tropical food be available all around the world, outside of its region? I think we know the answer. Purchase mindfully. And as we got most of our avocados from The Avo Tree, they are also spray-free. Sometimes, when the possibility of living somewhere else comes to my mind, I wonder “How would we do without avocado?”

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