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Skin care

Enliven your routine with Salt By Hendrix, the hit clean beauty brand

Photography by Tracey Creed
Assisted by Amandine Paniagua
Words by Amandine Paniagua

Published September 21 2021

I feel something wonderful, a healthy indulgence in using rich, organic formulations as part of my natural skincare rituals—an approach to skincare that resonates deeply with the diet we promote here. And sometimes, I would love to dive deeper into skincare, more oils, creams and serums. However, making the life shift on mindful decisions, intentionally reducing every purchase, either to feed, dress, or daily care, I find it hard to justify being a skincare junky. So I choose not to be. And from there, purchasing new products is a celebration. It is going through a decision process, selecting brands that are worth it. And, depending on the time of the month, also a finance-influenced decision.

It is in this context that I discovered Salt by Hendrix. This Australian brand entered our lives when Trace was doing a copywriting job for a local, considered beauty store. She had learned about Salt by Hendrix and gifted me my first bottle of Golden Hour body oil on Christmas. Later, looking for a highly nourishing face moisturiser, I got the Mermaid oil, which has been a purchase on repeat, unusual for me. Trace loves Blush Skies and Nourish+Revive body oils, and we recently acquired Babetown Booster Glow and Eye Babe.

Salt by Hendrix is an organic, vegan and cruelty-free botanical skincare brand. Based in Australia and founded by Kellie Collis, Salt by Hendrix was named after her son, Hendrix, who suffered from eczema and sensitive skin as a baby. With a background in banking and finance, yet a passion for natural skincare and a desire for innovation, Collis started from her kitchen, making skincare products herself out of concern. With little knowledge in chemistry yet thoughtful research and a lot of trial and learning, she developed different formulas suitable for her child's skin, herself, and relatives. Her process was simple: "I looked at the end goal and what sort of ingredients could achieve the results I was looking for, without sacrificing integrity on the source of the ingredients and their overall impact on our health"*.

Salt by Hendrix launched in 2016, self, women-founded. The range was initially composed of body oils and bath salts. Nowadays, the product's offer spans a variety of concerns and sensory experiences. Formulated in professional labs, targeting diverse skin types and applications from face to body and hair, this natural vegan beauty brand provides an uplifting experience.

"We want our customers to know they can come to us for luxe products, that are affordable, clean but also have ingredients that are selected with purpose and integrity." Kellie Collis

Salt by Hendrix products are formulated from a combination of clean and certified organic ingredients, mainly sourced in Australia for the heroes active ingredients, and some worldwide, both meet rigorous ethical standards. Committed to wellness as much as effectiveness, the brand focuses on plant-based formulas that are highly performing yet gentle to the skin. The creation process of new products and selection is straightforward—targeting a concern or skin goal, going backwards to the best ingredients achieving the desired results. Expect highly effective formulas packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins through rich textures.

You will find clean-beauty classic yet powerful botanical elements among the hero ingredients—Australian native plants like Kakadu Plum, with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. Squalane and Hemp Seed Oil are also part of the extensive list. Dead Sea Salt for the minerals. Kakadu Plum is a rich source of Vitamin C, protecting your skin's collagen levels to improve texture and appearance; it is also known for its antiseptic quality and action against sun damaging free radicals. Aloe Vera, like Coconut Oil, are famous for their high hydration and skin-repairing properties. Olive-derived Squalane works like an emollient, trapping moisture into the skin, helping hydration from ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid while reducing inflammation without clogging skin's pores. And so does Hemp Seed Oil in addition—it helps with skin oil regulation. Ingredients work together and complement each other. Expect a nourished, plumped complexion, cherub skin, and hair with restored health and shine. And where there is a scent, it is deeply connected to the product, the botanicals, the all-powerful plant kingdom—somehow.

For a product of its equal—in luxury, in efficacy, a clean beauty brand with comparable forward-thinking values, Salt by Hendrix offers an opportunity for self-indulgence and rejuvenation at a lesser cost. The idea of affordable luxury was part of the ethos from inception, now reinforced by the offering. A complete range of products across all categories and beauty tools like the gua sha, face rollers, and soothers enhance the power of the formulas to help you achieve at-home facials and treatments.

Our Salt by Hendrix picks

As raised earlier, the Salt by Hendrix range is extensive. There is a formula or a tool for many skin concerns, applications and textures. The range covers the face, with serums, oils, masks and tonics, the body and hair with oils, mists, scrubs and polish, in addition to stone tools and various beauty accessories, from headbands to a facial brush. And we got a few!

For your face

Babetown Booster Base Oil. A light, no-fragrance and 100% plant-based squalane oil sourced from olives, helping with hydration to soothe and calm all types of skins, including the most sensitive. How does it work? Babetown is an emollient oil, which softens the skin and locks in moisture. Instead of actively hydrating the skin, the emollient oil will keep the water inside the skin, enhancing hydration and working hand in hand with your moisturising serum, hence “base” in the name of the products. Additionally, Squalane is also noted for its anti-inflammatory properties, working to reduce redness and swelling.

Babetown is a fast-absorbing oil that makes it ideal to use in the mornings. I purchased this oil at the beginning of lockdown in August, and three months after, I am almost finished. I apply this squalane oil after my hyaluronic serum and vitamin C cream and before sunscreen. I confirm, Babetown makes your skin glow without looking greasy. I love when my face feels flawless, and I will repurchase.

Eye Babe Oil Treatment. An oil focusing on deep hydration, fine line reduction, boosting skin cell rejuvenation and preventing ageing signs for the sensitive eye contour area. This treatment is a combo of highly nourishing oils, including Argan, Rosehip, Watermelon and Jojoba, antioxidant-rich ingredients, minerals, and Vitamin E. Eye Babe is here to repair, fighting free-radical damage, dryness and puffiness.

Trace purchased this eye treatment in August and has been using it approximately four times a week. Highly aromatic, she finds the scent works to create a pleasant face mask microenvironment and her eye contour is smooth and bright. So far, so good.

Mermaid Facial Oil. A polyvalent, botanical facial serum targeting dryness, inflammation, skin balance and ageing. Inside the bottle, you will find Omega 6 and 9 for hydration and calming action; Retinol Vitamin A for preventing signs of ageing; Vitamin E for another layer of moisturiser plus antioxidant protection and Watermelon Seed Oil for restoration and radiance. Expect a luminous completion.

The texture is rich and thick, but the oil absorbs quickly, leaving no stickiness. Still, it is doing something because my skin looks nourished, smooth and soft, plump and glowy—all of it. The smell is divine, somehow reminding me of an old school fragrance, and quite frankly, I love the bottle. I am always up to that "at home spa feeling" result-driven with my skincare products, and Mermaid Facial Oil is what I was looking for exactly.

Glowtown Hemp Seed Face Oil. A herbaceous face oil focusing on protection and hydration, brightening and repairing damaged skins. The ingredient list encompasses a plethora of purifying fruit oils, including pear, apple, cucumber, yet the star ingredient is Hemp Seed Oil. Deeply moisturising without clogging pore, Hemp Seed Oil is the ally to rebalance and regulate skin’s natural oil, specifically beneficial for acne-prone completion.

I just purchased this one to rotate with Babetown and try something new. Instead of buying dozens of products per month, I prefer to fully enjoy one and switch once it is finished, even if I liked the initial product. My review is coming soon!

For your body

Body Glow Blush Skies. Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids, Body Glow is a fast-absorbing oil that delivers hydration and vibrancy to your skin. Coconut, Apricot, Argan and Jojoba Oils provide antioxidant protection while encouraging deep hydration. Camellia and Baobab Oils rejuvenate dry, damaged skin. Trace used this oil on her body and face and as a strategic highlighter for your hair. It's perfectly balanced for dry legs—all the shimmer without glitter AND fully absorbed within 10 minutes of application.

Blush Skies is a favourite of Trace to take care of her summer skin. She purchased Blush Skies because she was going to Rarotonga, and she has scars [eczema has been a lifelong struggle], so if you're conscious of scarring or want your skin to glisten, rain or shine, then this peachy body oil is the one.

Body Glow Golden Hour. Like Blush Skies, this oil is also crafted with natural and organic high-quality ingredients, delivering restorative, anti-inflammatory properties to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin. Glowing and repairing. I love applying this for my tan to last.

For me, Golden Hour is another homely transcendental experience. I applied Glow all summer long, especially during festivals and camping. Right after a day soaking in the sun, when the golden light is rising, and you wish you will keep that glow on your skin forever—feeling and smelling summer a little bit longer.

Nourish + Revive. A restoring blend of Rosehip, Argan and Marula Oils bringing life to any winter skin, or post-sun, energising while encouraging deep hydration and elasticity improvement. Several of Trace's favourite essential oils are contained within, Frankincense, Cedarwood (which is great for problematic skin) and Ylang Ylang. With anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Cedarwood is ideal for acne or any possibility for infection where hair grows.

The oil absorbs quickly without leaving a heavy residue. It also keeps the skin soft, and the ingredients help clarify skin tone — one to use if you have scarring. Trace applies Nourish + Revive most nights after exfoliation, neck to toes. Lather and decompress.

To enhance

Rose Quartz Facial Roller. On the face, neck and décolleté, rolling helps drain and tone muscles, improving circulation while eliminating toxins and reducing puffiness. And there are more claims, from lymphatic massage, collagen production to cell turnover. The crystals are said to influence your Qi, aka vital energy flow. Quartz, for example, promotes self-love, enhancing self-care rituals. Prepare to vibrate higher.

Indulge yourself in a five-minute facial massage daily after applying serum and eye cream. For convenience, you can also roll in the evenings; or practice at any time of the day. The stone is naturally cold, yet you have the opportunity to amplify its power, placing it in the fridge or warm water. There is something relaxing using this quartz roller, and it certainly enhances product absorption while stimulating the derm, leaving the complexion dewy and smooth. And let's face it; this spa-like tool is quite elegant and luxurious—a tool to be hooked for life.

This is what we have purchased over the past few years. I’m a sucker for nicely branded things, and there is so much to be discovered on the Internet now, facial oils, serums—the accessories. So much. If you are seeking products to add to your routine that do not compromise your ethics and values, read more reviews, and you might find something that works for you. What Salt by Hendrix products have you tried, loved?

Salt by Hendrix is a complete, natural skincare brand as we like them, encompassing honest intention, an inclusive range of products and a strong identity. It is a brand for our time that cares for its customers, celebrating body positivity through the power of skincare, encouraging us to dream, to improve ourselves with confidence while uplifting our skincare experience. Salt by Hendrix is for everybody and anyone in need of that extra fantasy in their life.

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