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The natural beauty and cruelty-free makeup we need now

Photography by Tracey Creed
Assisted by Amandine Paniagua
Words by Amandine Paniagua

Published March 29 2020

I wore a lot of cheap makeup throughout my teens, twenties; natural beauty was not what it is today, and mainstream makeup contained ingredients that can hurt people. Since then with more knowledge and through adopting a low waste lifestyle, I reduced my routine to the point of wearing very little makeup. I donated or got rid of most of my products. Just kept my red lipstick—I am French after all.

Researching for natural and cruelty-free makeup brands, I discovered Aleph through an event organised by the Tonic Room, a wellness clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. They invited Emma Peters to present her natural beauty brand Aleph and share her makeup artist how-to. The ticket cost NZ$50, which you could redeem on your purchase that evening. Navigating the market for natural, organic, vegan beauty brands can be challenging, so given we would have the opportunity to try these products ourselves I was willing to invest myself in attending. That evening, Tracey chose the Pixie chick/lips tint and Sun radiance products, and I purchased the concealer foundation Number 03, the makeup brush and the mixing tool. More on that later.

"If you want a job done right, do it yourself" could be Peters moto, as she began addressing those of us who had turned up to get to know the line. Twenty years of experience working across TV, film, advertising and fashion, including ten of those focused on selling natural beauty products online, led Emma Peters to create Aleph, as a sort of necessity. Driven by her significant expertise and a clear idea of what natural beauty products and cruelty-free makeup should be, Peters launched last year a limited collection of luxury makeup—fit for professional expectations, and amateurs alike.

According to Peters, natural beauty is about respecting humanity, the planet and all sentient beings, without compromising performance and functionality. I couldn't agree more. This philosophy is more about appreciating being part of one global ecosystem, unicity, oneness. And that is where the name Aleph comes from—the first letter of the Semitic alphabet, it represents the Oneness of God in Jewish mysticism.

Formulated from a combination of clean and certified ingredients, Aleph products are also GMO-free, ethically manufactured—both vegan and cruelty-free. Ingredients are selected for their broad chemical specificities—concentrated forms creating functional premium products with bright pigments, rich textures and intelligent behaviours. You end up needing less. Ideal for those after a minimalist routine. Totarol, magnesium stearate, alaria esculenta extract (algae) are some of the natural and unique ingredients used. As such, Aleph also goes beyond professional makeup by delivering skincare performance, helping you achieve a flawless look while improving and protecting your skin.

Multi-functionality is in Aleph’s DNA. Beyond ingredients, products are complementary, and can be paired together to perform and uplift any makeup. The idea came from Peters experience and frustrations, noticing she was using the same products over and over despite her extensive collection. Realising how cluttering and wasteful that was, Peters created products equally dual purpose, clean and sustainable. Streamlining beauty routines without sacrificing creativity. I think more of us are wanting to adopt a less is more approach—streamlining various aspects of life is definitely something most of us can relate to!

Every single component of the products has been taken into consideration and designed for the best possible outcome. And for those living low waste, Aleph's packaging is equally considered. Aleph utilises small compact glass jars with aluminium lids—both recyclable materials, and easy to transport.

Primarily focused towards professional utilisation, the Aleph collection consists of a concise collection of multi-functional natural makeup products. Long-wearing, these products don’t need reapplication and yet are easy to remove—taking less time, less makeup remover, less everything to clean off at the end of the day.

Serum/primer (NZ$69) Launched after the original collection and beautifully formulated, this is my daily serum; and also primer which I apply under my tinted Coola Face Sunscreen. I love its light texture and wear, my skin feels dewy and fresh. Mixed with the below concealer results in a flawless makeup finish. Very positive. I am working on an in-depth review of this serum, so stay tuned!

Concealer/foundation (NZ$60) This dual-use product is applicable around the eye area as a concealer, or for the whole face as a foundation. Mixed with the primer, it creates a subtly tinted veil. I can say I tested both three options with number 02. Super easy to apply, it melts almost instantly into the skin—no chance of looking like a clown. Available in five shades, the concealer suits most skin tones though I would expect darker shades to launch in the future, increasing inclusivity.

Cheek/Lip tint (NZ$55) I don't own this product, but it's an interesting one. This face tint can be layered on the lips for a colourful light moisturiser, or on the cheeks to mimic natural glow. I like the different shades, versatile enough for day or night.

Radiance (NZ$50) Tempted to purchase this one, an iridescence shade available in two nuances. I love how this multi-purpose product can be applied as a shiny eyeshadow or mixed with the concealer as a highlighter. And it can go onto the lips—three products in one, at least. So tempting really!

Diffuser brush (NZ$59) and Mixing tool (NZ$18) I purchased both after Emma's demonstration. I haven't used the vegan brush yet as I don't do full foundation coverage at the moment, using mostly my fingertips for applying. However, during the event, they tested concealers to know which tone I should get, and the brush felt lovely. The hairs are soft and flexible, nicely and evenly diffusing the product. The mixing tool is such an ingenious item. I always hated dipping my fingers into any product because of cross-contamination. With this stick, the fear is over; it's a game-changer and also helps extract the right amount of product—perfect for keeping makeup longer.

Emma Peters features herself regularly in makeup tutorials online, teaching us how to adequately and fully use her products. And the Tonic Room event we attended wasn't any different, as Peters led us through her line and helped us discover how minimal products can yield maximum impact. Emma's stance on practicality is one of the numerous values the brand delivers. Some time back, Trace and I separately purchased Aleph products online and as an afterthought emailed to ask if combining shipping was an option since we are living together. Emma found it obvious to combine shipping to save resources and our money. This attitude is a business approach I love, a beauty entrepreneur who walks her talk, who cares and steps up to provide the best products possible, and the best brand experience. So I would say expert or enthusiast, if you are after a premium natural beauty brand committed to sustainability practices, look no further, Aleph is for you.

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